+44 20 7118 1908 [email protected]
+44 20 7118 1908 [email protected]


I’m in a wheelchair, is the boat accessible?

Please contact us if you have a guest/s who need accessibility and we will try are best to accommodate you.

What if the weather is terrible?

As for the weather, the only thing that would stop us from leaving would be the fog. Anything else is completely fine to be on the water.

I’m a smoker – where can I have a cigarette?

We’re still under land-laws when we’re out on the river, so it’s strictly no smoking inside, but you’re able to light up on the sundecks.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

You are not permitted to bring their own drink. However, food and/or caterers are more than welcome to be brought on board.

Are you able to refund me if I have to cancel?

Boat Party tickets are non-refundable, but we will always try and be as flexible as possible. So, if you give us with as much notice as you can, we are sometimes able to move you to a future date for no extra cost. Note that this is not guaranteed though folks.

What is the capacity of the boat?

You can have up to 210 guests on the boat.

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