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Halloween boat party 2019 review
I went to the Halloween boat party 2019 on the Viscount it was truly remarkable. The whole boat was decorated with scary and spooky decorations as well as the staff on board. It was great I had such a lovely time. I met a lot of people at the Halloween boat party 2019 that I am still friends with now, we...
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Halloween boat party
A Halloween boat party is all you need in the October/ November period. We have a few Halloween boat party events happening, some are private other are on a ticket basis. If you are interested in any of these events, please do contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you and your event’s needs. We ensure that customers are kept happy,...
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Halloween boat party review
A Halloween boat party in central London was exactly what my friends asked for. We had an amazing time on board the viscount, all of our guests dressed up in scary costumes as well as having the boat decorated the perfect Halloween boat party. We asked for custom cocktails which were all amazing and perfect with the theme. Our...
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